Path to PandA: Heidi’s (Mother’s) Helpers


The moment I started thinking about trying to get pregnant, I began looking at everything differently. All of a sudden, all of the cosmetics and cleaning products in my home were potential threats.

Sure, I had always leaned towards organic, but sometimes that high price tag steered me back to conventional… I always went for cosmetics and cleaning products that I thought were clean, but I never actually did research on them. After making the decision to make my body as pure as possible, and going as green as I knew how for my insides (hello organic raw vegan!), cleaning products and cosmetics were the next things that I really started paying attention to. And, to be honest, if a product isn’t safe for a pregnant or breast-feeding woman, why on earth would I want to be using that product at all?? No thanks.

So, I went to the experts.  Some resources that I love are: My good friend, Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team “Green Beauty Basics

And, EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning

First: something all new baby households use in excess: SOAP! Through research, I have found that Pangea hand soaps are safe for everyone, and they smell yummy, too!

Some of my go to beauty products include: RMS Beauty oil, as well as her “un” cover-up and living luminizer


Intelligent Nutrients Hair Care



EcoKindness has an entire line of cleaning and home products that smell DELICIOUS with no toxic side effects. The company is family run by an amazing mother / daughter team, and the products make your home smell like a day spa, without any synthetic fragrances. They also kill black mold to 94% which is virtually unheard of – wahoo! The properties in the oils themselves are truly inspiring & the formulas they have created are really very special and only use organic therapeutic grade essential oils and purified water – try them out – you can find them at Whole Foods – I highly doubt you will ever buy another brand again!


The most important product I started using before my pregnancy, during my pregnancy, and I will continue to use forever, is my beloved Essentia Water!!

With a guaranteed pH of 9.5 or higher, Essentia blows all the other waters out of the… water!  Essentia achieves alkalinity through the ionization process by removing acidic ions (no more wondering how we achieve our clean, smooth taste).  Also: it tastes amazing, it has been proven to be hugely more hydrating than the other waters on the market.  Hydration is the most important thing you can do to keep your body functioning at its peak, not to mention preventing premature labor if you are pregnant, and maintaining proper milk supply if you are a nursing mom!  Essentia truly is: hydration perfected.

Okay, you have some of my “can’t live withouts” to achieve and maintain maximum health, what are yours?  Please let me know what you love in the comments below.

Love and LIGHT,



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