Prenatal Yoga Video: Butt and Legs

Prenatal Yoga Video Butt and Legs

Hi Guys!

So excited to be back with the third installment of my Prenatal Yoga Series for Fit Mamas on Qinetic (at 7 months pregnant with my twin girls!)  This one is all about toning that tush and leaning out your legs.  As always: you know you better than anyone else.  If something doesn’t feel right: stop or modify.  You should be able to carry on a conversation throughout this entire routine – your babies need oxygen. Take care of you and your babies! Tune in!



6 responses to “Prenatal Yoga Video: Butt and Legs”

  1. Sarah says:

    great video

  2. Hannah says:

    hey could you show off the strength within yoga top from lucy in your next video. I wanted to see how it worked for my prenatal yoga.

  3. Adia says:

    That was awsome, at 12 weeks with one extra on board it felt like a real work oiut (in a good way), I really hope I can still do it by trimester 3! Thanks Heidi

    • Heidi says:

      Hey Adia, So glad you enjoyed that :) If it feels good to keep doing, great, and if it doesn’t, don’t do it! Most importantly: Congratulations!!! Xx, Heidi

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