Essentia Water 30-Day Hydration Challenge Check-in Video


Hey Guys!

Checking-in! How are you doing with the 30-Day Essentia Water Hydration Challenge?! How are you feeling? Any tips or tricks helping you succeed?  I wanna know! Please leave everything in the comments!



6 responses to “Essentia Water 30-Day Hydration Challenge Check-in Video”

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I’m definitly sticking with the water side of this but gt hospitalized last week with a staph infection from and aneurysm surgery 3 weeks ago so sticking with the water is essentail right now,

    • Heidi says:

      Oh, no! So glad you are hanging in. Sending you tons of love and hydrating, healing love! Keep up the great work and get better fast. Xx, Heidi

  2. Lacey Burd says:

    I’ve been trying out all sorts of combinations of fruit to add to my water. (I recently got a water bottle that has a cylinder in the bottle to add fresh fruit to infuse the water). My 4 year old, Avy thought it was so much fun (and yummy) that she’s drinking SO much more water than before! She’s always liked water, and never had a problem drinking it when I told her to, but now she’s requesting it! (Her favorite is a blend of strawberries and oranges). I’ve been keeping up with (or ahead) of my goal as well :)

    • Heidi says:

      OMG – this is so amazing!!!! My little sister got me the fruit infuser bottle you are talking about – it’s great. So incredible that BOTH you and your four year old are keeping up with (or ahead of) this challenge – woo-hoo!! Thanks for the check in! Def going to try Strawberry Orange water soon. Xx, Heidi

  3. Ayaka says:

    So the 1.5L could include things other than plain water? I like to also drink yerba mate tea (unsweatened, just the leaves with warm water) during with lunch… With that included, it is easy for me to achieve 1.5L :) Just plain water, I sometimes need to be paying attention. Also, it is hard for me to drink more water if I have green smoothies in the morning/during the day. I also hear you are supposed to drink a half your weight (in lb) in ounces of water. And with that recommendation, I can achieve my goal under 1.5L. (I am really short, like 4’11. So when I do this challenge, I am good with both goals! Yay!!) But, do you also think how much water you need a day depends on your body size as well? I wonder if kids can drink as much water as adult…

    • Heidi says:

      Hi, Great question! For purposes of this challenge: WATER (preferably Alkaline water)! You are welcome to add citrus or cucumber or anything that helps you drink it that doesn’t take away from the hydrating effects (ie any sugars or caffeine or stimulants, etc, etc, so yerba mate doesn’t count !) For this challenge I am asking everyone to drink the recommended 1.5 L of water – you will soon see how everything changes for the better and you will figure out how much water you need on any given day from there. Xx, Heidi

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