Heidi created CrossFlowX™ after years of people asking her what class she loved, and not having an answer!  CrossFlowX™ is it:  a fast-paced blending of strength, core, inversion and arm-balance-focused flows, high intensity cardio intervals, traditional yoga kriyas, and a little bit Xtra, this class is one big sweaty yoga party! Pumped with great music and uber-positive vibes, you will leave feeling elated, totally clear-headed, full of optimism, and exhausted yet energized!

For all of you out there who love the yoga, but miss the cardio, OR, who love to work out, know you need yoga, but get bored with the slow pace of a traditional class, this one is for you! You CAN have both!  Videos and online classes coming soon!  For a sneak peek, check out this video.

Full online classes available for download here!


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