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Heidi Kristoffer is: mom to twin toddlers and CrossFlowX™, the creator and producer of Microsoft Bing Fitness Yoga & MSN Yoga, and wellness expert for and contributor to multiple online platforms. Her goal is to make yoga, health, strength, and whole, happy living accessible to everyone. Rated one of the: Hottest Trainers in America by Shape Magazine, most inspiring yoga teachers in the world by DoYouYoga, and most popular instructors in NYC by RateYourBurn and ClassPass, Heidi can often be seen featured as an expert on television and in magazines world wide. A former award winning actress of stage, film and television, and graduate of Cornell University, Heidi makes it her mission to bring happiness to everyone through every medium.

Fun fact: In all that she does, Heidi maintains an intense focus on core integration and alignment stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body. An old car accident left her with 2 broken vertebrae, a straightened cervical spine, and multiple herniated discs. Years of yoga, and no surgeries later, her cervical spine has regained the curve and all herniations are gone. Heidi is a true believer in the powers of Yogic Healing, and wants to share that with the world.

What people are saying about Heidi on Rate Your Burn:

“Hands down – I have never had this much fun in a yoga class EVER. Between the nuttiness that was Heidi and the perfect combination of flow and strength, I loved the class. This ain’t yo’ mamas yoga class… well maybe it is if your mom is a beast. This class was challenging!”

“Heidi is the best yoga teacher in NYC. She is warm, approachable, STRONG and lovely to be around. Her positive energy makes everyone in the class shine.”

“Heidi has the strength of a thousand men… when you first see her, you may think she’s a petite run-of-the-mill yoga instructor. But then you see the images of her doing the various inversions she’s known for, and doing regular articles for Shape magazine, and leading all the inversion workshops, and your mind is completely blown. In short: I’ll definitely be back for some butt-kicking, high-energy yoga!”

“What a goofball. Heidi’s big personality made the class. She is this tiny gorgeous girl, so it was kind of a surprise. But you know what they say, big things comes in little packages! I enjoyed myself because she was just so fun!”

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