InternetLESS Challenge Video 3

InternetLESS Challenge Video 3

Video 3 of my InternetLESS challenge.  Hanging with Achilles, talking challenges, favorite yoga mat, and a second chakra meditation :) How are you doing on this one? Ask me anything!  Xoxo, Heidi

2 responses to “InternetLESS Challenge Video 3”

  1. Beatriz says:

    I’m gonna pause this challenge for now, I’ll do it eventually but, oh my god, this is so hard for me right now!
    I’m thinking of a new challenge for me, about yoga and meditation, because it makes me feel amazing but sometimes I’m too lazy for it… and then I’ll be back to the internetless challenge! I hope I’ll have a good habit of daily meditation and yoga by then.
    That kind of meditation reminds me of a catholic rosary, you say a prayer for every bead!

    • webdev says:

      Hi Beatriz, there is no failing!! I had to re-evaluate the “rules” of this one – they were great guidelines, and great to aim for, but super hard to keep up with! Yoga and meditation are wonderful new challenges to aim for – baby steps!! Please let me know what you come up with – I’d love to try it too! Xx, Heidi

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