30 Day InternetLESS Challenge

30 Day InternetLESS Challenge

Hi Friends!

I am SOOOOO excited about this new challenge! Being on vacation with very little internet has inspired my 30 Day InternetLESS Challenge!  The rules: no internet after 9pm, no email on the weekends.  What do you think?  Want to do it with me?!!! Please let me know in the comments!  I’m also talking Japa Mala meditation here, something I am very passionate about <3   Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Much Love,




12 responses to “30 Day InternetLESS Challenge”

  1. Greg says:

    Scared me with the title before I realized why you highlighted the LESS. Great idea, though I don’t know that I could bear no email checking on weekends. Would probably be so relaxing though.

    • webdev says:

      Hi Greg, Ha! Yes, I imagine it will be incredibly relaxing – you never know until you try ;) ;) Xx, Heidi

  2. Linda says:

    I would love to learn more about the meditation.

    • webdev says:

      Hi Linda, Thanks :) Since there has been a bunch of interest there, I will make my next v-log about the japa mala meditation! Have a great night! Xx, Heidi

  3. Alison says:

    Great one! I’m in…just have to say, WiFi in Canada is just fine…likely just depends on specifically where you were. If you were in a more remote area, there could be challenges. Yeah to time at the cabin! Anyway, this sounds like a fabulous challenge. Personally, I’m not vegan, but would be interested in trying to shift to a more vegetarian heavy diet. Do you know how to properly prepare dry beans without a pressure cooker? Keep up the inspiring work! Love it!

    • webdev says:

      Hi Alison, Yes – on the beach on Lake Erie, spotty wifi is on purpose so that we all unplug while on vacation, it’s not at all a comment about Canada – where I have been going every summer since I was born and I love <3 I soak dried beans overnight in water, then drain them and use them in any dish that I would use canned. Never tried a pressure cooker. Thanks so much for your comment, please let me know if you try any bean dishes!! I love these beans the most: http://www.heidiyoga.com/recipes/bbq-baked-beans Xx, Heidi

  4. Cathy says:

    I love this challenge and want to learn more about the meditation! Also, love you tank…where did you get it?

  5. Beatriz says:

    This is so interesting, soy-free was not really a challenge for me since I rarely use soy, but this is gonna be quite hard. It’s less scary if someone, even miles away, is doing it too.
    Due to my schedule I’m gonna have to change it to 10pm, and no e-mail saturday afternoon and sunday all day, I can’t go job-free… but well, it is still a big change for me. I’m always complaining about sleeping bad, yeah, it’s probably because I’m online til late, really late, so let’s prove it!

    • webdev says:

      Hi Beatriz! Awesome, so fun – and yes, much less scary when doing it with someone else. Totally make this work for you – it’s the idea I like of creating boundaries to protect ourselves- whatever that means to you <3 Looking forward to us both getting lots of good sleep over the next 30 days! Xx, Heidi

  6. Marina says:

    Hi Heidi !
    I’d like to know what Japamala Meditation exactly is and what’s so special about it ?
    Thanks !

    • webdev says:

      Hi Marina, thanks for your comment :) It is a long answer, so I will reply in my next v-log! Hope you have an awesome day! Xx, Heidi

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