step-by-step pose breakdown

Step-by-Step Breakdown Funky Forearm Stand

Step-by-Step Breakdown: Funky Forearm Stand

It’s not a headstand, it’s not a forearm stand, so what the heck is it? Here at Shape, we


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SBS Pose Breakdown Eight-Angle Arm Balance

SBS Pose Breakdown: Eight-Angle Arm Balance

8-Angle Pose, also know as “Astavakrasana” (in Sanskrit, “asta” = eight, vakra= bent, “asana” = pose) is deceptively


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ChatuWHAT Video Things to Know about Chaturanga

Chatu-WHAT?! Video: Things to Know about Chaturanga

Also referred to as “plank half way down”, Chaturanga Dandasana (the full name of Chaturanga) is the same


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